Best personal branding websites list

Best personal branding websites list for SEO learners

Best personal branding websites list you should  know

Best personal branding websites list: This Hasan Mehedi again with another great article for SEO learners. I have recently found some SEO learners who are in beginner level asked me how can they branding themselves. This is very important to make your name like a brand if you want to be a SEO expert.

There is lot of best personal branding websites you will found around the internet. But which one will be good for you? However, today I am going to share which Best personal branding websites can boost your name across the web. So here is the list-

Best personal branding websites you should know:

Own Domain: First of all buy a domain which will be same like your name. My name is Mehedi Hasan but I could not find any domain with this name. Then I purchased Hasanmehedi and I am trying to make this name viral. This is the first step for self branding.


Crate a Facebook account and there you must crate the url as like your domain name. For example, if your domain name is, then your Facebook link will be like that- Here you will need to put your domain name because you are going to branding yourself with just one name.


This is another place where you can spread your branding. Here you also do the same thing what you did for Facebook. You should use your url like- as your domain name is


This is another great platform for branding yourself. This is a professional place for job seekers. Here you have to follow the same rules as you have done for Facebook and twitter for personal branding.


This is mainly use for showing image. Here you can upload your professional image and you can share with theme with others. Google search engine basically play a great value for pinterest image.

About me: Here you can just write something about yourself. You can write about your expertise, experience, interest and many more things. Do not forget to keep the url as like your domain name. This is very important.


Another great place for best personal branding. You can create slides here and you can share those with others as well.


This is actually for mini bloggers who want to write blog. This is also good for self branding.


As you have a domain yourself, you can also create some free account. Blogger is the great place for creating free account and you can use this site for your personal branding. All you need just a Gmail account to create blogspot account.


This is same like blogger platform. You can use this platform for personal branding without any doubt.

I have listed some more extra places where you can create account for your branding. Here is the list-








So far I have found these sites is good for self branding. One thing you have to just keep in mind that you have to write same url or same name for all the account. Other wise you will not be in top for google search.

Hope this article will help for beginners who are learning SEO. If you found more places to make self brand please feel free to comment below. I will attache the name here with your reference.

Thanks a lot for reading this article and do not forget to share this article with others. Stay connected with me to get more articles and ask me anything any time here- Contact with me.

Good luck!

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