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WordPress theme generator: Hello WordPress users, I am here today with another new article. Today I am going to share a thing that every WordPress developer will love it so much. We know, WordPress developer build WordPress site with PHP programming language. But sometimes many developer need to know core code of WordPress or they think if they create a quick starter pack then it might be fast to create a site.

however, there are lots of online tools you can use to build a basic WordPress template. Yes guys today I am going to share some website lists where you can generate WordPress theme by just one click.

So, Here it is-


This is my first choice for generate WordPress theme. In the field of WordPress theme generator, Artisteer has been providing services for several years. This theme generator is enriched with many features which will help you to make your theme as you want. You can achieve huge number of custom WordPress themes just for a small amount.


Another great free tool and it’s really very powerful. Your ideas can be brought to life with the help of this generator. Elegant and modern themes can be generated. You will get identical experience while using this powerful generator.


This theme generator has powerful features to create your own themes. You can perform many of the things by dragging and dropping. You can use the common features for free. To get all the features, premium service is needed.


Build amazing WordPress themes with Themes Generator visual builder. This is based on Open source and this has great support team. You can Create & resell unlimited themes.


This is another great website for creating WordPress theme. Build Your Own WordPress Theme Takes 60 seconds. Here you don’t need any coding skill.


This is the Ultimate Responsive WordPress Theme Builder. To have a quick starting point you can use their professionally designed themes and customize it using the WordPress theme builder app. You can also create your own design from scratch fro here.


This is the last Item of my article and I recommend everyone to use this tool because this is the best WordPress theme generator tool in online so far. Many Professional developer are using this tool to generate basic WordPress template. You will get all the important pages of WordPress here. This is totally free and highly customizable.


All in one WordPress Solution. Create amazing websites with no coding knowledges This is the main motto of this free online to generate WordPress theme. You can also use this tool to create amazing WordPress theme.

I personally use underscores tool to generate WordPress theme. But you can choose other one. Thanks a lot for reading this article and do not forget to share this article with others.

I will write more about WordPress theme and Plugin next. Stay Connected with me and subscribe by email to get my all posts into your mail. Happy Learning. 🙂

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